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Acclaimed producer, DJ and community leader TYGAPAW is one of the contemporary guiding lights of the New York club scene. Creating multiple spaces for the city’s LGBTQ+ community to thrive within nightlife culture, their 2020 debut album Get Free acted as a rallying cry to dismantle patriarchy, racism and queerphobia set to some of the most full bodied, soul-rendering electronic music of recent memory. Today, TYGAPAW returns with a brand new single, ‘MYSM’, as well as announcing their signing to our new label fabric Originals.


Anchored by an authoritative, low-end heavy kick, 'MYSM' combines distorted, clattering percussion with a flurry of bass notes with a seductive vocal refrain. That refrain, while swathed in autotune and reverb, is punctuated with whispered thoughts that float above the track's highly textured sonic tapestry in a way that makes the track as much of a spiritual experience as it is a hedonistic one, purpose built for clubs. The track's groove buries itself within the consciousness - creating a hypnotic atmosphere that while rousing in nature, remains mesmerising enough to take the listener beyond the environment they are listening to the track within.


With 'MYSM', TYGAPAW finds new levels for their relentlessly powerful sound - a dynamic, commanding step into a brand new era. ‘MYSM’ relentlessly pushes the boundaries to discover new ways of driving the listener to sweat; whether that be by themselves, or within the communal euphoria of a dancefloor. With a new dawn on the horizon for TYGAPAW, prepare for some of the most intentional, vital dance music in recent history.