Wordcolour - Bluster

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Named as One To Watch in 2021 by The Guardian, London-based artist Wordcolour returns to Houndstooth with a new single ‘Bluster’

In Wordcolour’s own words, "all the way back in January 2021, when the UK was entering its second national lockdown, I set myself the task of trying to write a club track. I wanted to avoid the lockdown temptation to write melancholic, dreamy dance music, and so found myself trying to remember what the club sounded and felt like at a time when raving was a distant memory.

The result, Bluster, continues some of the club experiments I began on my first EP "Tell Me Something", but with a beefed-up heavier sound aimed at slow, chunky techno sets. Like that first record, this track has a sense of humour - constantly cutting in playful bits of vocal and drum detail. Both the title and the artwork imply an undue swagger - a sense of winging it through changeable unpredictable weather conditions: a combination that, for me, sums up the feel of this track as well as the circumstances in which it was made."


  1. Bluster