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Wordcolour - The trees were buzzing, and the grass.

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We are thrilled to announce the cinematic debut album from London-based artist Wordcolour, hitting shops on 24th June 2022.

An artist very much on the rise, following two EPs on Houndstooth and one for Lapsus, ‘The trees were buzzing, and the grass.’ is described as an album of collaboration with contributions from percussionist Michael Anklin, voice artist Natasha Lohan and performance artist Es Morgan as well as vocal appearances from Wordcolour’s circle of friends.

Working with Es Morgan on a written text for the album, Wordcolour chopped and sampled the words throughout, inviting friends to narrate the music along with recordings from Michael Anklin and Natasha Lohan. “My dad was an acoustics researcher before he retired, and when I was growing up we always had various microphones and bits of gear lying around the house, as well as an early DAW on the computer. I was a pretty nerdy kid, and I'd always mess around on the computer with my friends, recording our voices and combining them with audio FX to create stories. It was about creating a whole vivid world in sound, and on this album I feel that I'm really doing the same thing,” Wordcolour explains.

“In one sense the album is quite cinematic. Not in the sense that it is big or epic, but in the way it is structured. At times the music literally cuts like a camera - moving the listener from one acoustic environment to another. It indulges a fascination with the hyper-real world of Foley and film sound effects, natural ambiences, and Spielbergian film music. It almost feels like an album about film.”

Release date: 24th June 2022

01. (loom)
02. Blossom
03. Cloud Room
04. Duet
05. I am sixty years old and trying salvia for the very first time
06. Babble
07. Crescent
08. people can you hear me
09. Nonet
10. (drift)

Tracks 4, 5 and 7 feat percussion by Michael Anklin.
Tracks 4 and 5 feat vocals by Natasha Lohan.
Additional percussion and vocals by Michael Anklin and Natasha Lohan. throughout. Text written in collaborating with Es Morgan.
Voices by CJ Fantoni, Caroline Whiteley, Dasha Loyko, Design Default, John Chambers, Kate Howden & Natasha Lohan.